My answers to the contest

One of my favorite blogs is Mark’s Daily Apple and he recently held a contest asking for advice. I entered. Here are my answers:

  1. How do you keep costs down eating Primal? I base my diet around vegetables and add meat for flavor. This means I am often eating the same meat several days in a row, just repurposed into different meals.
  2. How often do you snack, and what do you snack on? I snack three or four times a week, and it’s usually a handful of nuts or an apple.
  3. What is the biggest change you’ve seen in your life since going Primal, and how long did it take to notice? Well, since you asked… pooping. Seven days after I eliminated grains I became regular. I went from going every six or seven days to astounding myself by going twice in one day.
  4. How do you cope with health professionals giving you advice you disagree with? I haven’t had to go to the doctor since switching my diet so it hasn’t come up.
  5. What do you do for fun/play? Cook for friends, indoor rock climbing, walking in my neighborhood.
  6. How do you find time to do lots of walking or other low-level exercise, play, relaxation, etc.? Simply by making exercise a priority. I know I feel better on days when I’m active, so I work it into my schedule.
  7. What is the most attractive feature of the Primal Blueprint to you? You, Mark! You offer a non-judgmental approach. Your stories, posts, research, recipes, how-tos, are what keep me subscribing.
  8. What does 80/20 mean to you? That ice cream and wine are just fine as occasional treats but I shouldn’t spend more than 20% of my life eating ice cream and drinking wine. That’s just too lush! It also means when I’m around friends and family I’m not hawkish about corn syrup, and I’m not a brat if someone brings mass-produced chocolate.
  9. How do you handle a spouse/partner/significant other who refuses to change their own habits, even if they quite clearly are harmful to them? Lead by example. I’m the cook, and he’s well aware that I’m not going to make something separate, so when he eats with me, he eats the way I do. Since we’ve been dating, he’s significantly reduced his grain intake, but I don’t think I have the power to change someone else. He’ll have to come to it on his own.

There were ten questions, but number two asked how my kids eat. I have no children but if I did they would of course be smart and healthy and practically perfect in every way.

It was a quick contest, and I’m in luck because he’s drawing folks randomly — so I have a shot at some of his goodies!


  1. Melissa says

    Hi there!
    I came across your blog from your response to my success story on I wanted to leave a comment because I loved what you had to say about the 80/20 rule. Nothing is worse than being that person saying “Oh I don’t eat …..” and then sit there and watch everyone eat. That is an eating disorder itself IMO. A bite of dessert just to be polite will not kill anyone. I eat non-primal things almost everyday. But its what you do most of the time, not 20 or even 30 percent of the time.
    I really appreciate your attitude! I wish more people would be less uptight!

    P.S.- Wine is primal I believe. I drink it almost everyday and I have still managed to lean out and gain muscle with no problem.

    • says

      Hi Melissa! Your story on Mark’s Daily Apple brought tears to my eyes — I’m so happy you’re happier! I agree — in a sense, so much obsessing about food is an eating disorder in itself — or at the very least can lead to one. Do you blog?

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